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Cash Instalment - Scheme (IN) - [MINIMUM RM 100]

Cash Instalment - Scheme (IN) - [MINIMUM RM 100]
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Cash Instalment - Scheme (IN) - [MINIMUM RM 100]
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This product has a minimum quantity of 100


It works just like a cash savings account, where you can start paying any amount at anytime (min. RM 100 per transaction) into the INS savings account. There are no time limit or expiry duration. Yes, the time period for this savings account is unlimited.

For example, you can pay RM 100 monthly for 10 months, or RM 100 weekly for 10 weeks, or any amount at any random time.

Once you have reached your desired savings value, you can then redeem the savings amount either fully or partially against any jewelleries from our showroom at anytime in the future without worrying on time limit or expiry.